Bold New Gaza Play Skewers Fatah and Hamas

(AFP) Adel Zaanoun - A new play has shocked audiences in Gaza by shouting out what many mutter behind closed doors - that Palestinian politicians are a bunch of crooks. The biting comedy entitled "Umbilical Cord" goes after Hamas and Fatah, accusing them of ignoring the suffering of their people and selling out to Iran and the U.S., respectively. The main Palestinian factions are represented throughout the play by four men in suits sarcastically referred to as "The Great Ones," all carrying briefcases labeled "politics." A colored cord identifies their factions - green for Hamas, yellow for Fatah, black for Islamic Jihad and red for the smaller leftist factions, hence the title. "Setting up a faction is easier than opening a shop," says Lafi al-Ahbal, the wise fool of the play. "If you want to set up a faction just shout slogans about Jerusalem and the settlements and the wall....You'll make a fortune in aid."

2010-03-12 09:17:04

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