Presbyterian Church Poised to Defame Israel

(New York Daily News) Editorial - A special committee of the U.S. Presbyterian Church is set to release a report on the Middle East that embraces parts of a manifesto by Christian Palestinians who call for an end to Israel as a Jewish state. The report notes: "The phrase 'the right of Israel to exist' is a source of pain for some members of our study committee who are in solidarity with Palestinians, who feel that the creation of the state of Israel has denied them their inalienable human rights." The committee says the U.S. ought to employ "the strategic use of influence and the withholding of financial and military aid in order to enforce Israel's compliance with international law and peacemaking efforts." No similar tactics are recommended against Hamas, which fires rockets at Israeli homes and schools. Not against Iran, which pursues nukes and dreams of erasing Israel. Not against Hizbullah.

2010-03-11 09:29:34

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