U.S. Circulates New Draft Proposal for Iran Sanctions

(New York Times) Neil MacFarquhar - The U.S. is circulating a draft of new, tougher sanctions against Iran that concentrate on the banking, shipping and insurance sectors of Iran's economy, UN Security Council diplomats said Wednesday. The focus is on the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, which runs a vast array of Iranian businesses, while the oil industry is not included. The proposed measures are likely to be diluted in further talks. The initial reaction from Russia was that the measures were too strong. The Western nations want a Security Council resolution finished before May when Lebanon, home to the militant group Hizbullah that is closely allied with Iran, will be president of the Council. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on a trip to Latin America, was unable to budge Brazil from its opposition to sanctions against Iran. Brazil's president, Luiz da Silva, said Wednesday, "It is not prudent to push Iran against a wall." Brazil is a voting member of the Council.

2010-03-04 08:14:41

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