U.S.: No Point for Israel to Talk to a Syria that Supports Terror

[Ha'aretz] Shmuel Rosner - There is no point for Israel to hold negotiations with a Syria that continues to support and facilitate terrorism, U.S. National Security Adviser Steven Hadley said on Tuesday. "Here is Syria, which is clearly putting pressure on the Lebanese democracy, is a supporter of terror, is both provisioning and supporting Hizballah and facilitating Iran in its efforts to support Hizballah, is supporting the activities of Hamas. This is not a Syria that is on an agenda to bring peace and stability to the region, and I think Prime Minister Olmert said, under those circumstances, with that kind of Syrian policy, how can you talk about negotiating on the Golan Heights? Seems to me that's a sensible position."

2006-11-29 01:00:00

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