U.S. Shifts Peace-Making Priorities

(Jerusalem Post) Barry Rubin - Secretary of State Clinton's communique' on Feb. 11 after her meeting with Tony Blair indicates the new direction of U.S. policy on Israel-Palestinian issues. It defines administration policy as seeking a two-state solution through three tactics: "(1) To help build the economy and capacity to govern a Palestinian state; (2) to renew political negotiations to enable the earliest possible establishment of that state; and (3) to achieve these in a manner that ensures the security of Israel and of the Palestinians." Up until now, item two has been in the top position. Since direct talks are not in sight, the administration has shifted gears and the main priority is a process of state-building among Palestinians to get them ready for statehood. It does seem as if the White House has realized the PA is not ready for peace and is thus reluctant to commit much effort to the issue. Meanwhile, it will just go on saying how much it loves the Palestinians and look active while trying to keep things quiet as it deals with other issues.

2010-02-17 08:01:40

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