Olmert: Abbas Never Responded to My Peace Offer

(Ha'aretz) Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told a conference at Tel Aviv University on Sunday that during his tenure he offered PA leader Mahmoud Abbas an unprecedented peace offer, based on a return to the 1967 borders and a fair demographic land arrangement which would see heavily Jewish areas in the West Bank remain under Israeli control. "I offered a land swap, I offered a solution for Jerusalem, where the Jewish part would remain under Israeli authority and the Arab sections would be given to the jurisdiction of a Palestinian state," based on the agreements reached at a 2007 summit in Annapolis and in accordance with the Roadmap for peace, he said. Olmert said he and Abbas had reached an interim agreement on the Palestinian right of return, but he never received a final response from the Palestinians on the matter. "It's time the international community demand an answer from the Palestinians instead of arguing about a building here and a building there," Olmert said.

2010-02-15 08:27:21

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