Yemen al-Qaeda Wants to Block Red Sea to Israeli Shipping

(Reuters) The Yemen-based wing of al-Qaeda has called for a regional Muslim holy war and a blockade of the Red Sea to Israeli shipping. "The Christians, the Jews, and the treacherous apostate rulers have pounced on have no other way out from this plight other than to wage jihad," said the group's deputy leader, Saeed al-Shehri, a former Guantanamo inmate from Saudi Arabia, in an audio tape. Shehri called on Somalia's Islamist al Shabaab to help block the narrow strait at the mouth of the Red Sea that separates Yemen from the Horn of Africa. "At such a time the Bab (al Mandab) will be closed and that will tighten the noose on the Jews (Israel), because through it America supports them by the Red Sea," Shehri said.

2010-02-09 08:12:20

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