Prime-Time BBC Documentary on Jerusalem: An Anatomy of Bias and Distortion

( Robin Shepherd - On Jan. 18, the BBC's documentary program "Panorama" was devoted to Jerusalem. Rarely will you get a clearer insight into the flagrant institutional bias inside the world's most powerful media outlet than this. The slipperiness of the tactics employed, the unabashed censorship of vital historical context, and the blatant pursuit of a political agenda constituted a lesson in the techniques of modern day propaganda. We are told of, and shown, instances of Palestinians being thrown out of homes they have "lived in for generations." This is stated as fact by the narrator. When the counter argument is made that the land they have lived on was stolen from Jews in the first place, this was offered as mere opinion. Welcome to the world of the BBC and to yet another illustration of the slippery path to the delegitimization of the world's only Jewish state.

2010-01-28 08:29:00

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