How Can Peace Be Achieved?

(Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs) The dream of a future in which Israeli and Arab children can grow up free from the threat of war and the fear of terrorism unites all Israelis. However, the long history of failed negotiations with the Palestinians has proven that simply yearning for peace is not enough. Time after time, Israel has presented far-reaching peace proposals, made major concessions, relinquished extensive tracts of land, uprooted settlements, withdrawn forces, dismantled military bases and taken steps to enable the Palestinians to establish the foundations of self-government. In return, Israel has received a Palestinian campaign of terror, suicide bombings, and rocket attacks against Israelis and Jews; and has been subjected to an ongoing campaign in the international arena to delegitimize Israel's very existence and undermine its economy. Peace can never reign between Israel and the Palestinians as long as generation after generation of Palestinians are being fed a never-ending diet of anti-Israel incitement. There is a direct connection between anti-Israel incitement and terrorism. True acceptance of Israel's right to exist in peace cannot be achieved solely through signatures on a piece of paper; it must also exist in the hearts and minds of the Palestinian people. Just as Israel has educated for peace throughout its history, so too must the Palestinians begin this process. Unlike a large part of Palestinian society, Israeli society sees peace as the noblest of goals, its highest aspiration. The desire for peace is at the very center of Israel's being and culture. Thousands of songs, books, artistic works, and articles have been written about peace in Israel since the very establishment of the state. Peace is an important core value, the greatest dream of every mother and father, the embodiment of the Zionist idea which envisages Israel living in peace and cooperation with all its neighbors. There is no legitimate reason why Israeli children learn about peace and coexistence in their schools, while at the same time Palestinian children are taught to honor suicide bombers and to seek "martyrdom" through Jihad. Those who desire peace should educate for peace, and not promote hatred and murder.

2010-01-01 07:33:50

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