CODEPINK's "Gaza Freedom" Mockery

(Huffington Post) Eric Trager - If you've been following CODEPINK's so-called "Gaza Freedom March," you probably know it is against the "siege of Gaza." We don't know whether it was similarly against the thousands of rockets that Hamas fired onto Israeli civilians that preceded this "siege," but as most of its participants have indicated, the "Freedom" marchers are overwhelmingly against Israel's very existence. It's worth asking what these marchers are for? Is CODEPINK for Hamas using the tunnels that run from Gaza into Egypt for stockpiling anti-aircraft missiles and longer-range rockets? Will these "Freedom" marchers declare that they are for Gazans' freedom from Hamas' imposition of strict Islamist codes; or for a Gazan government that develops its economy, rather than its arsenal; or for a Palestinian government that holds its "democratic" elections on time? If CODEPINK really sought to promote peace, then it would have marched in solidarity with the traumatized residents of Sderot a long time ago.

2010-01-01 07:27:57

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