IDF Marks Over 1,500 Sites Off-Limits in Gaza

(Jerusalem Post) Yaakov Katz - The IDF is continuing to update its maps of Gaza, adding several hundred international and humanitarian institutions in the past year to prevent them from being targeted in a future conflict. During the Gaza operation a year ago, the IDF distributed maps filled with over 1,500 dots, designating buildings that were off-limits to all air force and ground force commanders. These dots marked hospitals, UN facilities, schools, and homes of foreigners and journalists. The updating of the maps underlies the Israeli assessment that a future conflict with Hamas could be around the corner. The IDF has said that while it will refrain from initiating an attack against these marked sites in the future, it reserves the right to respond with force if it is attacked from within the buildings. According to the latest IDF casualty findings, 1,166 Palestinians were killed during the Gaza operation: 700 were terrorists - 600 Hamas and 100 Islamic Jihad.

2009-12-25 08:17:09

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