Israel Not Worried by Syria-Lebanon Alliance

(Xinhua-China) David Harris - "The idea that Lebanon is free from Syria and its government is pro-American is just not serious," said Eyal Zisser, the director of the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies at Tel Aviv University. The fact that Hariri, who was the head of the anti-Syrian camp, paid a visit to Damascus is proof of this, Zisser added. Guy Bechor, who heads the Middle East Studies Division at Israel's Interdisciplinary Center, said, "It shows Lebanese politics can't function without Syria." It also points to an inherent fear of Syria on Lebanon's part, he added. In Zisser's opinion, Hariri is not taken particularly seriously by Israel. The Israeli government is far more concerned by Hizbullah, which is backed by Syria and Iran. The real reason for Hariri's trip is that he is building on Syria to ensure his own political survival, said Zisser. The Shiites in Lebanon, headed by Hizbullah, are becoming increasingly strong and Hariri needs to ensure his own position by building a close bond with Syria.

2009-12-21 09:11:25

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