Hamas Rejects PLO Dominance

(Reuters) Nidal Al Mughrabi - Hamas served notice on Monday that it would ignore any decisions by the PLO this week about future leadership and peace talks with Israel. "Hamas will not retreat from Jihad and resistance until it achieves freedom and independence for our people," Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh told a huge rally. Hamas is not part of the PLO, which was founded in 1964 and is recognized internationally as the representative body of the Palestinians. "We say to PLO Central Council members" meeting in Ramallah that any decision that "contradicts the will of the people, will not be binding," Haniyeh said. The PLO is expected to extend the term of Abbas as president of the PA this week. Abbas would stay in office until elections can be held, which will require the agreement of Hamas, which does not recognize his legitimacy.

2009-12-16 08:42:22

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