Turkish Forces Foil Hizbullah Attack on Israeli Target

(Ha'aretz) Avi Issacharoff - Turkish forces have prevented a Hizbullah attack on an Israeli target in the country, Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon said this week. According to defense sources, the attack was meant to avenge the killing of senior Hizbullah operative Imad Mughniyeh - who died in a car bombing in Damascus in February 2008. Turkish reports said Hizbullah had set up a network of Iranian agents posing as tourists in Istanbul, with the cooperation of Iranian security agencies. Earlier this year, Hizbullah planned an attack on the Israeli embassy in Azerbaijan. In Egypt, a group of Hizbullah agents were arrested and accused of tracking Israelis at tourist sites as well as monitoring Israeli ships passing through the Suez Canal. An officer from the Jerusalem Brigade of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards monitors the Hizbullah military force. This presence indicates an increased Iranian involvement in Hizbullah operations.

2009-12-09 07:53:29

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