Hizbullah Official Indicted in U.S. Over Attempt to Smuggle 1,200 Machine Guns

(Washington Post) Spencer S. Hsu - A Hizbullah political official and his son-in-law sought this year to smuggle 1,200 machine guns from the U.S. to the militant Islamist group via Syria, according to indictments made public Tuesday in federal court in Philadelphia. Hassan Hodroj and Dib Hani Harb, both of Beirut, were among four men accused of conspiring to support Hizbullah, which is on the State Department's list of terrorist groups. Harb, Moussa Ali Hamdan of Brooklyn and Hasan Antar Karaki of Beirut were also charged with seeking to funnel to Hizbullah counterfeit money and stolen cash generated by the sale of phony passports. None of the four is in U.S. custody and all are believed to be overseas.

2009-11-25 08:10:28

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