Iran's Gazan Diversion?

[Jerusalem Post] Caroline Glick - Hamas may be defeated because, much to everyone's surprise, Iran may have decided to let Hamas lose. The war today, like the war in Lebanon in 2006, is a war between Israel and Iran. Like Hizbullah, Hamas is an Iranian proxy. Speaking on Hizbullah's Al Manar television on Sunday, Saeed Jalili, the head of Iran's National Security Council and a close advisor to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, essentially told Hamas that it is on its own. Iran expert Michael Ledeen from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies argued on Monday that Iran's apparent decision to sit this war out may well be the result of the regime's weakness. It is possible that Iran ordered the current war in Gaza to divert international attention away from its nuclear program.

2009-01-07 06:00:00

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