Why Israel Must Win in Lebanon

[Ha'aretz] Ze'ev Schiff - Hizballah and what this terrorist organization symbolizes must be destroyed at any price. This is the only option that Israel has. We cannot afford a situation of strategic parity between Israel and Hizballah. If Hizballah does not experience defeat in this war, this will spell the end of Israeli deterrence against its enemies. If Israel's deterrence is shaken as a result of failure in battle, the hard-won peace with Jordan and Egypt will also be undermined. Israel's deterrence is what lies behind the willingness of moderate Arabs to make peace with it. Hamas, which calls for Israel's destruction, will be strengthened and it is doubtful whether any Palestinians will be willing to reach agreements with Israel. This struggle will also determine Iran's position in the Middle East and its role among the Arab states. Some Arab states recognize this and do not wish Hizballah to emerge victorious. Their stance does not stem from love of Israel, but from concerns for their own future.

2006-07-27 01:00:00

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