Fatah Has Resumed Terrorist Activities Against Israel

[Ha'aretz] Amos Harel - Defense officials said over the weekend they are concerned about the increased involvement of Fatah-affiliated terrorists in attacks against Jews in the West Bank over the past two months. Fatah members stopped attacks against Israel around two years ago, but the involvement of Fatah members in the recent deadly attack in Bat Ayin and the murder of two policemen in the Jordan Valley are being investigated. Foreign elements are cooperating with Fatah, defense officials say. In 2003 and 2004, when Fatah was responsible for a considerable part of terrorist attacks in the West Bank and inside Israel, most cells were handled by Hizbullah and Islamic Jihad operatives based in Beirut and Damascus, who supplied funds and leadership. However, intelligence reports suggest that several Fatah militants have resumed planning and implementing attacks against Israel, including some who signed pledges to cease terrorist activity.

2009-04-06 06:00:00

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