Hizbullah Rockets Part of Iran-Israeli Chess Game

[Times-UK] Richard Beeston - Sometime over the coming two to three years, Iran will be able to build its first nuclear weapon, putting it on par with Israel as the dominant forces in the Middle East. If diplomatic efforts fail to halt Tehran, then there is only one last obstacle - the open threat by Israel to destroy Tehran's nuclear sites before it can complete an atomic weapon. Israel has the political will and the military muscle to execute an attack against Iran's nuclear facilities. It is assumed that Arab states, whose airspace Israeli planes would have to fly through to reach Iran, would secretly cooperate on a mission to blunt the Persian threat. That is why Tehran is investing so heavily in its Lebanese proxy Hizbullah, so that any attack will provoke massive retaliation. Israel may be able to take Iran's queen. But in the process it could put itself into check.

2009-08-05 06:00:00

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