Why Does the U.S. Play Iran's Game?

[Jerusalem Post] Barry Rubin - Do you know how many years the talks with Iran have gone on without yielding fruit and letting Tehran develop nuclear weapons every day? Answer: Seven. Iran's increased power in having nuclear weapons will not consist merely of firing them off. Aside from far higher levels of Arab and European appeasement will be the huge leap in the appeal of a seemingly mighty Iran and victorious Islamism to millions of Muslims who will join or support radical Islamist groups. Instability in the Arab world and terrorism in Europe can be expected to skyrocket. To pretend that Iran's possession of nuclear weapons will be neutralized by U.S. guarantees is a fantasy. That's why it is so important to stop Iran from ever obtaining nuclear weapons. If this does not happen, the entire strategic balance will change against Western interests. But nothing can even begin to happen until the U.S. concludes that the Iranian regime has shown that it doesn't want any real deal that precludes it from becoming a nuclear power.

2009-11-04 06:00:00

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