Hamas Rockets Block the Birth of a Palestinian State

[Telegraph-UK] Malcolm Rifkind - As well as an attempt to stop missiles being launched against its own citizens, the Israelis have a wider, strategic objective. They are seeking to create conditions on the ground that will enable a negotiated peace between Israel and the Palestinians and the creation of a Palestinian state. The Israeli attacks on Hamas are not unreasonable. Imagine missiles being fired across the 21 miles of the English Channel and landing in the towns and villages of Kent. Imagine if, for several years, the IRA had been allowed to fire missiles into the villages of Northern Ireland from the Irish Republic with the consent and approval of the Irish government. Every government has a first duty to protect its citizens. The Arab governments, despite their protests, are indifferent to Hamas' plight. Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia loathe Hamas, as do those Palestinians who give their loyalty to Fatah. Israel will never concede a Palestinian state unless the Palestinians provide an absolute guarantee of an end to hostilities by all Palestinian parties. Sir Malcolm Rifkind was British Foreign Secretary, 1995-1997.

2009-01-04 06:00:00

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