Hamas and the Palestinians

[Hudson Institute] Khaled Abu Toameh - Hamas came to power in January 2006 largely thanks to the corruption and incompetence of the Palestinian Authority. But many of the Palestinians who voted for Hamas were well aware of the movement's radical ideology and its desire to replace Israel with an Islamic state. The majority of the Palestinians who voted for Hamas knew exactly what they were choosing. Indeed, in mid-December, more than 250,000 Palestinians took to the streets to celebrate Hamas' 21st anniversary. The Palestinians who are now shouting and crying because of the Israeli offensive should direct their anger first and foremost toward the "elected" government of Hamas. The Hamas government will disappear only when the Palestinian masses take to the streets and demand regime change - from the same people who were bold enough to bring down Abbas' Fatah faction in 2006 because of its corruption.

2009-01-04 06:00:00

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