Israel Defends Enforcement of Supreme Court Decision in Jerusalem

[CNN] Israel moved to defend itself Monday in the face of criticism over the eviction of Palestinian families from a Jerusalem neighborhood. "I think a lot of the criticism is simply not fair," said Mark Regev, a government spokesman, who described the dispute as a legal one between two private parties over who had title to the property. "As you know, the Israeli court system is independent and professional," Regev said, referring to the Supreme Court's decision that paved the way for the evictions. "Many times it goes on the Palestinian side if they think that's where the justice is and, in this case, they ruled in favor of the Jewish side." Regev denied that the evictions were part of any systematic effort to move Palestinians out of eastern Jerusalem and move in Jewish families. "There is no such government policy," he said. "On the contrary, here you see a situation where private people bought private property and that's what it is."

2009-08-04 06:00:00

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