An Arab Supporter of Israel

[Jerusalem Post] Deena Yellin - Brigitte Gabriel, 44, is a Lebanese Christian who authors best-selling books defending Israel's right to exist and launched an organization devoted to warning the West against the dangers of Islamic fundamentalists. Her parents and teachers raised her to believe that Israel and Jews were evil. In 1982, Gabriel accompanied her mother to an Israeli hospital, where she saw respect, humanity and compassion she didn't realize existed beyond her immediate family. In the emergency room, "the doctors treated everyone according to their injury, not according to their background," says Gabriel. "They treated my mother before the Israeli soldier lying next to her." She realized she had been sold lies by her country about Jews and Israel. "I was betrayed by my country and rescued by 'my enemy' Israel." She married an American war correspondent and moved to the U.S. in 1989. After 9/11, she founded the American Congress for Truth, a nonprofit organization devoted to motivating Americans to take action against terrorism and the threat radical Islamic fundamentalists pose to Western civilization. Today, ACT has 55,000 members and 255 local chapters. "Lebanon was torn and ruined by Muslim radicals. Even though the Christian Lebanese say things against Israel in public, inside their homes they cheer Israel on, hoping Israel will crush the Islamic fanatics."

2009-07-03 06:00:00

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