Israel Facing Intensified "Legal War"

[Jerusalem Post] Amir Mizroch - Israel is facing intensifying legal campaigns that aim to deter Israel from using force against Hamas and Hizbullah. Senior defense officials noted four damning reports in one week from human rights organizations about the IDF's conduct in the Gaza operation. There is a certain level of frustration within the defense establishment at the disconnect between the huge efforts invested in minimizing harm to Palestinian civilians and the growing tide of international accusations of war crimes emanating from the offensive against Hamas six months ago. "There is a war being waged against us in the legal sphere. Its aim is to delegitimize Israel and to create deterrence against a possible use of force in Gaza and Lebanon again," a senior defense official said. "The last Gaza war is not over yet. It is being fought on another front for now....There are hundreds of petitions, cases, legal opinions and actions cropping up across the world. The phenomenon is very wide and growing. The other side has a lot of money that comes from countries and people not friendly to Israel," the senior defense source said.

2009-07-03 06:00:00

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