Israel Targeted by Foreign Protest-Tourists

[Jerusalem Post] Seth Frantzman - To what degree is the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians choreographed by outsiders? In the weekly protest at Bil'in against the security fence there are more foreigners than Arabs. It is a mandatory stop on any protest-tourist's visit to the Holy Land. And it is a place where foreign protesters want to be wounded as a sort of badge of honor. This type of protest-tourism isn't about a legitimate cause, it is about a way of life. Were the fence to disappear, the protest would have to go on because so much is invested in it. Consider the amount of money that goes into funding the foreigners who attend the Bil'in protest. Consider the air fares, the hotel accommodations and transport to and from the site. Consider the Web sites, the numerous organizations and the media attention. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is very real, but there is a side that is simply entertainment for the West.

2009-07-31 06:00:00

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