U.S.-Trained PA Forces Can't Even Protect a Music Festival

[WorldNetDaily] Aaron Klein - The Palestinian police have received advanced U.S. training and were deployed last year amid much fanfare and claims they would fight crime and terrorism. They are upheld as the force capable of assuming law and order in place of the Israeli army during the creation of a Palestinian state. And this week they couldn't even secure a few stages at a music festival in Nablus. Halfway into the festival, militants burned down the stages, bringing the event to a screeching halt. In another incident, about 200 policemen from the elite "Dayton forces" in Jenin recently attempted to clear out a section of Kabatiya, a main base of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization. Witnesses report that within less than 30 minutes of the start of the clashes, "the security men ran away scared. They didn't arrest anyone."

2009-07-31 06:00:00

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