Is the Palestinian Authority at Peace with Israel?

[Jerusalem Post] Khaled Abu Toameh - During the day, the PA acts and speaks as if its leaders had never signed a peace treaty with Israel. During the day, Israel is the enemy that continues to deny the Palestinians their rights, seize their lands, arrest and kill their innocents, and expand existing settlements. But during the night, the Israeli enemy becomes a friend and peace partner with whom it's legitimate to conduct security coordination and eat in fancy restaurants. During the Gaza operation, Palestinian security officers in the West Bank provided Israel with valuable intelligence that contributed to the elimination of many Hamas operatives and "military targets." The PA even told Israel to continue bombing Gaza until Hamas surrendered. As soon as the war ended, the same PA started accusing Israel of committing "war crimes." At the same time, the PA is holding some 1,000 Hamas "supporters" in its prisons without trial. These days the PA is leading a fierce campaign against what it calls Israel's efforts to destroy the Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem. Palestinian spokesmen and Abbas advisers have been exploiting every available platform to tell millions of Arabs and Muslims that the Jews are destroying Islam's third holiest site. Earlier this week, this campaign resulted in an outburst of Palestinian violence on the Temple Mount - the worst in years. Israeli government officials say that there is no such thing as an Israeli "conspiracy" to destroy the mosque.

2009-10-02 08:00:00

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