The Palestinians Share Responsibility for This Conflict

[Guardian-UK] Carlo Strenger - I have been a very outspoken critic of Israeli policies for many years. Nevertheless, far from being only victims, Palestinians have made many active decisions that have shaped their fate and are co-responsible for the current situation. I am impatiently waiting for the moment in which there will be a Palestinian state and in which no Palestinian child will have to see an Israeli soldier in his or her lifetime. But the Palestinian decision-making process is making this very difficult, if not impossible. Politically correct moralists who let Palestinians off the hook and turn Israel into the sole culprit are making a huge mistake. It is high time that Palestinians begin to face their responsibility for their fate. Sacrificing their sons either as Shahids through suicide bombings or as targets behind which Hamas hides its arsenals of explosives in population centers is the perfect recipe for traumatizing or killing another generation of Palestinian children.

2009-01-02 06:00:00

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