Obama's Peace Push May Collide with Reality

[Reuters] Alistair Lyon - President Obama's assertion that "the moment is ripe" to renew Israeli-Palestinian peace talks seems to fly in the face of several harsh realities. Hamas' grip on Gaza is one, along with the Islamist group's pursuit of armed struggle and denial of Israel's right to exist. The fading influence and contested legitimacy of the PA's Mahmoud Abbas is another. Hanging over their quarrels is a regional struggle pitting Iran, Syria and Lebanon's Hizbullah against Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other Arab states whose governments rely on American support, but whose people are mainly hostile to U.S. policy. So far Obama's statements suggest little change in U.S. policy beyond a sense of urgency partly designed to underpin his outreach to the "Muslim world."

2009-01-29 06:00:00

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