Israel's UN Envoy: Lebanese Say "Enough" to Hizbullah

[Ynet News] Yitzhak Benhorin - During a special Security Council session on the Middle East on Monday, Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gabriela Shalev read from a letter by Lebanese citizens who demanded that Hizbullah refrain from storing weapons in civilian areas. "The recent explosion (in Hizbullah's arms depot in south Lebanon) was very dangerous, and it prompted us to publicly say what everyone is trying to conceal: Illegal arms are being stored by Hizbullah within civilian population areas in basements near our children," said the letter, published in Al Mustaqbal on July 16. "We are not naive. We've already experienced a massive disaster in 2006 [the Second Lebanon War] during what you [Hizbullah] called a victory. If you are acting in the name of Allah and the religious leadership, then you must clear the civilian areas of weapons and anything else that endangers our lives."

2009-07-28 06:00:00

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