Hamas Official: We Should Not Delude Ourselves that We Won the War

[MEMRI] Senior Hamas official Ghazi Hamad wrote in a July 1, 2009, article on paltoday.com that the Arabs and Palestinians must stop depicting their defeats as victories. "We really want victory over Israel - to defeat this hateful occupation and see it in retreat, under siege, and obliterated - but we want the facts and figures to speak for themselves." "When Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982, reaching into the depth of the capital Beirut, and afterwards expelling the PLO, down to the last of its soldiers (as the entire world watched the ships carrying the fighters into exile) - we called it victory." "When [Israel] impudently and arrogantly dared to invade Lebanon once again, in 2006, and destroyed infrastructure and forced Hizbullah to sign an agreement undertaking not to fire missiles into northern Israel (which it has also honored) - we called this victory." "When [Israel] challenged the entire world and razed Gaza to the ground,...sowing in it destruction and ruin (just like in the 2006 Lebanon war), we called it victory." "The important question is how to defeat Israel. We all desire, and long with all our hearts, to see Israel beaten, destroyed, and humiliated. We all want the nightmare removed - but the important question (that has bedeviled us for 60 years) is - how? It makes no sense for us to continue to entertain ourselves with hopes of endless future victories."

2009-08-28 08:00:00

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