Iran's Missile Program Making Steady Progress

[Iran Watch] Interview with Uzi Rubin - Previously, achieving accuracy was a daunting challenge that required the top technological brains in the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Today, you can buy GPS accuracy in any consumer electronics shop for less than $200. You still have to design a GPS system that will withstand acceleration and work in a vacuum, but that's a project for graduate students in aeronautical engineering at Tehran University. It doesn't require any great ingenuity. So Iran can make the missiles as accurate as they wish. An off-the-shelf GPS is accurate to the width of a street - 20 meters. Iran is building long-range strike power through missiles. And not only Iran is doing this, so is Syria, Hizbullah, Hamas...for them, the rocket is king, not the combat aircraft. Iran is making a lot of missiles...not just for saturation but also to take out specific targets. They believe that their cluster warheads can take out airfields. The writer oversaw the development of Israel's Arrow anti-missile defense system.

2009-09-25 08:00:00

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