Obama Pushes for Two-State Solution

[Washington Post] At a press conference on Tuesday, President Obama was asked about peace between Israel and the Palestinians. He replied: "We don't yet know what the Israeli government is going to look like, and we don't yet know what the future shape of Palestinian leadership is going to be comprised of. What we do know is this: that the status quo is unsustainable, that it is critical for us to advance a two-state solution where Israelis and Palestinians can live side by side in their own states with peace and security....If you stick to it, if you are persistent, then these problems can be dealt with." "When it comes to Iran, you know, we did a video, sending a message to the Iranian people and the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran. And some people said, 'Well, they did not immediately say that we're eliminating nuclear weapons and stop funding terrorism.' Well, we didn't expect that. We expect that we're going to make steady progress on this front."

2009-03-25 06:00:00

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