Lebanese Druse Leader Sees Arab Axis vs. Persian Axis

[Asharq Al-Awsat-UK] Thair Abbas - Jumblatt: I will talk about an Arab axis and a Persian axis....The main Arab forces are today in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. We hope Algeria and Morocco will join us against Persia; that is, Syria and Iran. Syria is annexed to Iran. Q: Are you saying that the Iranian element is superior to the Syrian element in the current crisis? Jumblatt: This is how the picture looks. The ruler of Damascus betted his destiny and sold his Arabism for the sake of his existence. Jumblatt: Hizballah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah said that he had 12,000 missiles and that he fired 4,000. He now has 20,000 missiles. Twelve thousand minus 4,000 equals 20,000! He does not admit that the supply (of weapons) is continuing. ()

2006-12-25 01:00:00

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