Hamas' Newspeak Prolongs This War

[Guardian-UK] Uri Dromi - From his safe haven in Damascus, the capital of terror organizations in our region, Mousa Abu Marzook announced in the Guardian that in the recent clash in Gaza, Israel had suffered "a decisive loss." By "decisive loss," he probably refers to the new reality by which Hamas will no longer be allowed to shell Israeli cities indiscriminately and get away with it. We have seen such things before. Following the Six-Day War - the greatest defeat the Arabs suffered for their aggression against Israel - Egyptian President Nasser had the chutzpah to declare victory. It is easy to dismiss Abu Marzook's ranting as sheer hallucination, except that if the way of Hamas is really the path Palestinians have chosen to pursue their goals, then a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not in the cards. If Hamas stops harassing Israel and smuggling arms, and accepts a two-state solution, it will find in Israel a solid partner in carving out a better future for our children.

2009-01-23 06:00:00

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