Israeli Ambassador: We Are Fed Up

[Times of Malta] Kurt Sansone - Israeli Ambassador Gideon Meir says Israelis are fed up with ceding land for peace and getting war in return. "There is a new government that was elected by the Israeli people and it is the people who have made it clear that they are fed up. For 16 years we made concessions, giving up land for peace and peace did not come....Israel gave up land and in return all it got was more war, more terror. We withdrew from Lebanon in 2000 and we got Iran on our borders through Hizbullah, which is its proxy. In 2005 we pulled out of Gaza and we got Iran there through its other proxy, Hamas. We Israelis have concluded that we want a different approach." "The Palestinians [in Gaza]...bombarded us day in, day out for eight whole years and the international community, the Europeans, were quiet. Unfortunately, when Jews are being killed it does not matter to the world....For eight years 9,200 missiles were fired into Israeli towns and cities. Where was Europe's voice?"

2009-05-22 06:00:00

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