Poll: Americans See Threat from Iran

[McLaughlin and Associates] 71% of American voters say the U.S. will not be safe with a nuclear Iran and 79% say it is likely that Iran will provide nuclear weapons to terrorists to attack an American city, according to a poll conducted on May 8-9. 80% say it is likely that Iran will launch a missile attack on Israel, 77% say it is likely that Iran will use the threat of nuclear attack to provide a shield for Hizbullah and Hamas terrorists to attack Israel, and 82% say the U.S. should be concerned about the security of Israel. 57% say Israel would be justified in attacking Iran's nuclear facilities given that Iran has publicly threatened to annihilate Israel. 60% say that the Palestinians would continue their campaign of terror to destroy Israel even if they were given their own state in the West Bank and Gaza.

2009-05-21 06:00:00

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