Israel Changes the Facts on the Ground, Militarily and Diplomatically

[Globe and Mail-Canada] David Bercuson - Some analysts may claim that the core of Hamas' military capability has survived in the bunkers and tunnels of Gaza City. But the military initiative is now Israel's. The Israel Defense Forces set the agenda, drove the fight, kept the enemy on its heels, destroyed significant enemy capability, and showed Hamas that IDF soldiers are now highly skilled in urban insurgent war. Israel is no longer merely Hamas' antagonist; it is its unquestioned military superior. The lesson will not be lost on Iran or Hizbullah. Israel taught Hamas that future provocation will be painfully costly. Israel also taught Hamas that no one but the Arab street really cares about the plight of Gaza under Hamas rule and, though noisy, the Arab street doesn't matter. The writer is director of the Center for Military and Strategic Studies at the University of Calgary.

2009-01-21 06:00:00

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