Egypt's Campaign Against Iran Sends Washington a Signal

[Washington Institute for Near East Policy] David Pollock and Mohammad Yaghi - Cairo is sending a signal to Washington that the "nuclear file" is not the only - or even the most urgent - aspect of the Iranian threat. The timing of Egypt's latest, very public, moves against Hizbullah clearly reflects that Cairo is taking sides in an increasingly polarized pan-Arab debate on Iranian influence in the region. Especially striking is Cairo's outspoken challenge not just to Hizbullah, but also to its Iranian patrons. Egyptian Foreign Minister Abu al-Ghait has repeatedly used strident language that charges non-Arab Iran with the illegitimate desire to exploit Hizbullah to become "the queen of the whole Arab region," reflecting genuine anxiety not only about Iran's own activities, but also in regard to the new U.S. willingness to engage Tehran.

2009-04-20 06:00:00

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