There Will Be No Peace While Hamas Controls Gaza

[Telegraph-UK] Con Coughlin - British Foreign Secretary David Miliband was right to point out that the lion's share of the blame for the current violence in Gaza lies with the radical Palestinian militia Hamas. Ever since Hamas seized control of Gaza in a bloody coup d'etat last year, the Iranian-backed militia has not only persisted with its campaign to destabilize the border with Israel, but has forced tens of thousands of Palestinians to obey its strict Islamic code, even though they have no interest in it. Hamas is also doing its best to undermine the efforts of Mahmoud Abbas to lay the foundations of a future peace deal with Israel. The logical conclusion, therefore, is that Hamas' pernicious influence on the peace process needs to be curbed if any attempt by President-elect Barack Obama to revive the Middle East peace process is to be successful.

2009-01-01 06:00:00

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