An Iranian Hand Guides Hizballah

[New Republic] Dennis Ross - Hizballah, until now, has branded itself as a protector of the Lebanese people, not the representative of a foreign agenda. That self-image is no longer tenable. Many Arab (and non-Arab) observers see an Iranian hand guiding Hizballah. Isn't it interesting, they ask, that Hizballah's attacks coincided with the deadline the EU set for Iranians to respond to its proposed nuclear deal? During my time as an American negotiator, we were constantly aware of Iranian pressure on Hamas and Islamic Jihad to initiate acts of terrorism in Israel. And that was when we had a peace process. Hizballah and Hamas are tools in the Iranian game of self-promotion, furthering an Islamist agenda, and undoing Western influence in the area. The Syrians, for their part, seem to believe that Iran is on a roll, and better to be playing along with it than with others, and they clearly see little price for doing so.

2006-07-24 01:00:00

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