The Palestinian Hate Industry Continues

[Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center] Hamas and Islamic Jihad continue to inculcate the values of hate and support of terrorism in Palestinian children, viewed by those terrorist organizations as a highly important target audience. Hamas publishes a bi-weekly in London called Al-Fateh for children on Its goal is to inculcate children with the ideas of radical Islam and hate of Israel, the Jewish people, and even the West, and to instill the values of violence and terrorism (including explicitly calling for killing Jews) from an early age, and to turn Hamas operatives, including senior commanders and suicide bombers, into role models to be admired and revered. The June 2009 edition includes a poem called "My name is Palestinian," illustrated by a cartoon of an angry child holding the Palestinian flag: "All that is Arab inside me calls me to avenge and liberate [Palestine]." On June 3, 2009, a website associated with Islamic Jihad (Pal Today) published photographs from a graduation ceremony of kindergarten children at the Rashad al-Shawa Center in Gaza City. A show put on during the ceremony featured the children dressed in uniform and carrying toy guns confronting and killing IDF soldiers. The youngsters were seen shooting at soldiers, taking soldiers captive, and then performing a "victory" dance around corpses of IDF soldiers lying on the ground.

2009-06-19 06:00:00

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