Filled with Grief

[New York Sun] Tarek Heggy - The overwhelming majority of Christians, all of the Druze, and a vast majority of Sunni Muslims oppose the actions of Hizballah that led to the war with Israel. Hizballah has established itself as an autonomous state within the state, above the central government, parliament, and the law. I am filled with grief at the heavy price Arab societies have paid and continue to pay for patterns of thinking that can only be described as divorced from logic, objectivity, and the realities of the age. Those who speak in the name of "Arab pride and dignity" have reaped only the bitter fruit of defeat and squandered God's bounty and resources he bestowed on us to improve the living conditions of our societies - not to finance reckless adventures. The writer is an Egyptian intellectual who is published regularly in the Arabic press.

2006-08-24 01:00:00

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