Israeli Losses in Lebanon and the World War Against Jihadism

[Washington Times] Arnaud de Borchgrave - For Israel to lose 116 soldiers in 34 days of warfare is comparable to the U.S. losing 5,800 (multiply by 50 to get the equivalent population ratio). So far, the U.S. has lost 2,600 in 3 1/2 years in Iraq. The world of on-line jihadism is real and it is here. The estimated 5,000 pro-al-Qaeda websites include recipes for mixing nail polish remover and hair bleach and detonating the explosive cocktail with the flash unit from a throwaway camera. Islam, whether in the form of young jihadis who live to die killing those who live to live in freedom, or conservative oil sheiks and emirs clinging to divine-right-of-kings privileges by heaping praise on Hizballah guerrillas, dominates our fear of what the future may bring.

2006-08-24 01:00:00

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