Egypt Now an Enemy of Iran and Hizbullah

[Ha'aretz] Zvi Bar'el - The ultimate decision about publicizing the existence of a Hizbullah cell on Egyptian soil was made by Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman after receiving the nod from President Hosni Mubarak. The Egyptian assessment is that Hizbullah planned at least one large-scale terrorist attack against Western targets on Egyptian soil; they suspect that the goal was to attack a ship passing through the Suez Canal. Members of the cell were also instructed to collect information about Israeli tourist haunts in Sinai, with a view to attacking them. In exposing the Hizbullah cell, Egypt wants to focus all responsibility on Iran. The timing here is not coincidental. Now that the U.S. is beginning to openly court Tehran, with President Obama seeing it as a potential partner in solving regional problems, the time has come to expose Iran's plotting of terrorist activities.

2009-04-17 06:00:00

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