The Use of Mosques for Military Purposes

[Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center] According to international law, mosques used for military purposes lose the special protection afforded houses of worship. During Israel's recent operation in Gaza, evidence was extensively documented on the storage of weapons in mosques (rockets, IEDs, light arms and even an anti-aircraft gun), and about use of mosques for military training and as bases from which to launch rockets into Israel and mortar shells at IDF forces. The extensive use of mosques by radical Islamic groups is not limited to Gaza. Similar uses are made by Hamas in the West Bank, Hizbullah in south Lebanon, and radical Islamic groups in the Arab-Muslim world and in Muslim communities in Europe. In many of these locations, Islamic terrorist organizations use mosques to hide weapons, organize attacks, enlist supporters and terrorist operatives, preach terrorism, and indoctrinate Muslims with hatred for Israel, the Jewish people, the U.S., and the West.

2009-03-16 06:00:00

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