Why Russia Is Not Afraid of an Iranian Bomb

[Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies-Shalem Center] Boris Morozov - It is quite clear that Russia, which borders Iran on the Caspian Sea, does not fear the emergence of its new nuclear neighbor, and is even actively aiding the construction of the nuclear station in Iran. Why? The reasons are manifold: 1) Russia has traditionally maintained good sources of information within Iran. 2) Russia's strategic and tactical interests cannot be ignored. Iran is primarily a threat to Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. This will increase regional tensions and strengthen Russia's position there. 3) Iran traditionally opposes radical Salafi Sunni Islamic movements such as the Taliban and Wahabiyya, which have become a serious threat in Russia's Northern Caucasus area, especially Dagestan. These common enemies unite Russia and Iran.

2009-10-13 06:00:00

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