"Blaming the Jews" Doesn't Always Work

[Washington Times] Wesley Pruden - Charles W. Freeman Jr. is the well-paid shill for the Saudis and the Chinese who was stopped just before he was to assume the chairmanship of the National Intelligence Council, where he would have directed the preparation of intelligence briefings for the president. Mr. Freeman has had a long if not distinguished career in berating the Israelis for struggling for survival and apologizing for Chinese repression of dissidents struggling only to breathe free. In a speech in 2005 he described Israel as the aggressor in the Middle East, and two years later accused the U.S. of "embracing Israel's enemies as our own." When Mr. Freeman surrendered to the inevitable and withdrew his name from consideration, he distributed a two-page rant casting himself as a martyr to Jewish perfidy and treachery, done in by a Jewish lobby. Blaming "lobbyists" is an odd excuse for Mr. Freeman, who is himself a lobbyist. He runs a think tank, the Middle East Policy Council, with money supplied by Saudi Arabia, which he lovingly describes as a kingdom ruled by the beneficent "Abdullah the Great." The writer is editor emeritus of the Washington Times.

2009-03-13 06:00:00

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