Iran Can't Be Trusted

[National Post-Canada] Editorial - On Tuesday, the UN Security Council sanctions-monitoring committee rebuked Iran for trying to smuggle a vast shipload of arms to Syria in violation of at least five UN resolutions. The discovery of over 3,000 cases of high explosives, large-bore armor-piercing shells and anti-tank propellant proves Iran has no intention of ceasing its arms shipments to terror groups such as Hizbullah, using Syria as a conduit. Nor can it be trusted to honor its international agreements to forgo acquiring nuclear arms. This is not the first time Iran has been caught red-handed smuggling powerful weapons to terror groups it funds and trains. In January 2002, a Palestinian ship, the Karine A, was caught by the Israelis in the Red Sea crammed full of Iranian- and Russian-made weapons. All this establishes not only why Iran cannot be trusted (and why the U. S. and other Western nations must closely monitor and constrain Iran's actions), but also why Israel is right to counteract threats to its security from places such as Gaza.

2009-03-13 06:00:00

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